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Canada’s favourite prerolls

Published on January 13, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Leafly canada readers choice favourite preroll

Whether it’s for the sheer convenience, for the purpose of sampling new strains, or simply because joint rolling requires some skill, prerolls are certainly popular with Leafly readers.

We’ve grouped Canada’s top-selected prerolls by cannabinoid content. Find Leafly readers’ top-selected THC-dominant, balanced, and CBD-dominant prerolls here.

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Canada’s favourite THC-dominant prerolls

These are the hit-you-over-the-head strains. With negligible amounts of CBD, THC levels ranging between 10% and 30% will dominate your experience of these prerolls.

1. Edison El Dorado

2. Aurora THC Sativa Aces

3. Aurora THC Indica Aces

4. Edison La Strada

5. Aurora Anniversary Ace

6. Riff Subway Scientist

7. Cove Reflect

8. Cove Rest

9. 48North Granddaddy Purpletied withEdison Casablanca

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Learn more about Canada’s top three favourite THC prerolls

1. Edison El Dorado

Chill much? Typically described as a relaxing strain with a very reasonable 13% to 20% THC profile and less than .015% CBD, El Dorado is Leafly readers’ choice for favourite THC preroll. The New Brunswick-based Edison must be doing something right–their La Strada strain was also crowned Canada’s favourite THC flower and repeats on this list as the stuff inside Leafly readers’ fourth-favourite THC preroll.

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2. Aurora THC Sativa Aces

These prerolls are rolled using a blend that can range anywhere from 12% through 22% THC. It’s a testament to just how popular Aurora’s prerolls are that this is just one of five chosen from the Edmonton-based brand, with the grower’s sativa strain just squeezing out the their indica equivalent.

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3. Aurora THC Indica Aces

An assortment of flower that can span 12% through 22% on the THC spectrum, Aurora boasts that these prerolls, like all joints from their Aces brand, are rolled using vegan-friendly papers.

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Canada’s favourite balanced prerolls

Balanced strains have mid-range and near-equal levels of both THC and CBD. Both cannabinoids will usually range between an intermediate 5% and 15%.

1. Spinach Dancehall

2. Solei Balancetied withAurora Aces Balanced 1:1 Sativa

3. Aurora Aces Balanced 1:1 Indica

4. Tweed Penelope

5. Tantalus Labs BC Sungrown Harlequin

6. Whistler Cannabis Co. CBD Shark

7. Twd. Balanced

8. Tantalus BC Sungrown Skunk Haze

9. Whistler Cannabis Co. Dancehall

Learn more about Canada’s top three favourite balanced prerolls

1. Spinach Dancehall

They like it, they really like it! Leafly readers chose Spinach’s carefree and social strain as their favourite balanced flower as well. With just 2% to 10% THC and an equally moderate 3% to 12% CBD, the popularity of this pinene-rich bud could have to do with the high being less in-your-head and more out-on-the-floor.

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2. Solei Balance (tie)

Another CBD-dominant preroll from Solei ranks high among Leafly readers (the Leamington, Ontario cannabis brand took the top spot for favourite CBD preroll as well). The reportedly subtle high (THC content ranges from 4% to 9%) is popular for managing anxiety and pain, with a generous amount of CBD (7% to 14%)–so popular, in fact, that this strain also placed fourth in the favourite balanced flower category.

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2. Aurora Aces Balanced 1:1 Sativa (tie)

A mix of Aurora’s THC and CBD strains, these prerolls have low THC and CBD, with a reportedly fast onset for those looking for an immediate body buzz. The mix is clearly popular with Leafly readers, as the strain just barely beat out Aurora’s indica blend, which came in third.

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3. Aurora Aces Balanced 1:1 Indica

Trailing behind the sativa variety, these prerolls boast a balanced ratio of cannabinoids and are billed as containing “a medley” of finely-milled flowers wrapped up in vegan-friendly rolling paper.

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Canada’s favourite CBD-dominant prerolls

CBD-dominant cannabis strains are less intoxicating, containing higher levels of CBD with little to no THC content.

Canada’s favourite CBD prerolls were polled from a limited selection. At the time of voting, only six CBD-dominant prerolls were available for sale on the Canadian market which is otherwise dominated by balanced and THC-dominant strains.

1. Solei Free

2. Saturday Morning

3. Tantalus BC Sungrown Cannatonic

4. Hexo Terra

5. Namaste Durga Mata 2

Learn more about Canada’s top three favourite CBD prerolls

1. Solei Free

Growing their plants under natural light in eco-friendly greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario has obviously paid off for Solei, as Leafly readers hailed their Free strain as their favourite CBD-dominant preroll. This versatile strain can be fairly high in CBD, with a range of 11% to 17% CBD content. And with less than 1% THC, fans enjoy it for a variety of situations, day or night.

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2. Saturday Morning

Low in both THC (0.01% to 3%) and CBD (1% to 10%), Saturday’s charmingly branded Saturday Morning is subtle enough to spark just a hint of a morning glow. That was just perfect for Leafly readers, who chose this purportedly energizing strain from Bowmanville, Ontario-based Saturday as their second-favourite preroll.

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3. Tantalus BC Sungrown Cannatonic

Also placing eighth in the favourite CBD flower category, this version of the popular medicinal strain Cannatonic is said to mellow the mood and soothe aches and pains. Coming in at less than 1% THC while maintaining its high 11% to 18% CBD properties, this BC-bred craft cannabis only became available in Ontario in December, joining British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Tantalus was also a favourite for those looking for a little more THC in their CBD, with two of their strains making the top 10 for favourite balanced strain (below).

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