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10 weed strain pairings to celebrate spring

Published on March 20, 2014 · Last updated November 22, 2022

Winter can be brutal and many are thrilled that spring is finally upon us. To celebrate some extra hours of sunlight, blossoming flowers, and warm weather, here are some strain combinations that make great salads in your bowl.

Cherry Creamsicle

Strain combination: Vanilla Kush and Cherry Bomb

The heavy, smooth Vanilla Kush is beautifully complemented by the sweet cherry flavor of lighter Cherry Bomb.

Peach Spice

green queen, cannabis strain
Green Queen. (Leafly)

Strain combination: Cotton Candy Kush and Green Queen

The sweetpear flavor in Cotton Candy Kush is balanced wonderfully by the spicy, nutty character of Green Queen.

Strawberry Mojito

Strain combination: Strawberry Kush and Thin Mint

The unmistakable Thin Mint flavor and effects are perfectly balanced by the more physical Strawberry Kush.

Banana Brush

durban poison, cannabis strain
Durban Poison. (Leafly)

Strain combination: Banana Kush and Durban Poison

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The distinct sweetness of Banana Kush is matched wonderfully with an earthy, uplifting flower like Durban Poison.

Berry Tartlet

Strain combination: Blackberry Kush and Lemon Haze

These two strong flavors have contrasting effects yet provide a balanced, memorable experience.

Blue Bayou

Blue Cheese. (Leafly)

Strain combination: Blue Cheese and Blue Haze

The skunky Blue Cheese pairs nicely with the effects of Haze, offering mellow, balanced effects.


Strain combination: SAGE and Island Sweet Skunk

The spicysandalwood and earthy flavors of SAGE combine with Island Sweet Skunk’s butteryapple taste to create a pairing reminiscent of a classic Waldorf salad.

Tropical Vacation

pineapple express marijuana strain
Pineapple Express. (Leafly)

Strain combination: Pineapple Express and Cannalope Haze

Let this fruity coalescence of sweetpineapple, mango, and berry take you far, far away.

Rubies ‘n’ Roses

Strain combination: White Russian and Grapefruit

In a happy synthesis of citrus, floral, and earthy undertones, this pair provides a pleasant, invigorating lift.

Chocolate Peel

Strain combination: Orange Kush and Chocolope

Orange and chocolate, with additional sweet and earthy undertones, make this pair a no-brainer.

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Kayla Williams
Kayla Williams
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