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Canada’s favourite cannabis oils

When it comes to Canadian cannabis oils, Edison, Aurora, and Solei are Leafly readers’ overwhelming favourites.

Whether for comforting, low-to-non intoxicating CBD, or high-dose servings of THC, the top three in each of the THC, CBD, and balanced categories consisted of this trio of cannabis power players.

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Canada’s favourite CBD oils

These CBD-dominant cannabis oils are formulated to contain high levels of CBD, with negligible amounts of the intoxicating THC compound.

1. Edison CBD Oil

2. Aurora CBD Drops

3. Solei Free Oil

4. Cove CBD Cannabis Oil

5. Hexo Elixir CBD Peppermint Oil Oral Spray

6. Tweed CBD Softgels

7. Aurora CBD Capsules

8. Hexo Elixir CBD MCT Oil Oral Spray

9. Emerald SYNC 25 CBD Oil

10. Solei Free Softgels

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1. Edison CBD Oil

While Edison’s THC-dominant flower was also popular with Leafly readers (its La Strada strain placed first), the New Brunswick-based brand was a favourite in all three oil categories. Its CBD oil, made with sunflower oil, is described by Edison as mild and calming, and is known for its medicinal capabilities.

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2. Aurora CBD Drops

Derived from Aurora’s popular variants on the medicinal favourite Cannatonic, the Edmonton-based company says the oil maintains Cannatonic’s terpene profile. One of its dominant terpenes, myrcene, may help users relax, conk out pain, and reduce inflammation.

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3. Solei Free Oil

This flavourless oil is made with Treasure Island, a CBD-heavy strain recommended for treating nausea, reducing inflammation, and soothing pain. Solei is clearly making an impact—their Free strain was also Leafly readers’ favourite CBD-dominant preroll.

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Canada’s favourite balanced oils

Balanced oils will offer consumers intermediate levels (usually 5% to 15%) of THC and CBD in near-equal amounts.

1. Aurora 1:1 Sativa Drops

2. Solei Balance Oil

3. Edison 5:5 Oil

4. Aurora 1:1 Indica Oil

5. Tweed Argyle Softgels

6. Tweed Penelope Oil tied with Irisa Stars Oil

7. Redecan Reign Drops 15:15 tied with Tweed Penelope Softgels

8. Hexo Elixir 1:1 Peppermint Oil Oral Spray

Learn more about Canada’s top three favourite balanced cannabis oils

1. Aurora 1:1 Sativa Drops

With mid-level potency in both CBD and THC, these 1:1 drops are an appealing oil for those on the lookout for soothing CBD effects coupled with the exhilaration of a THC high. Aurora 1:1 Sativa Drops describes the MCT-based oil as amber-coloured and fragrant.

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2. Solei Balance Oil

Also the runner-up favourite strain in the balanced preroll category and fourth-place favourite in the balanced flower category, Solei makes this product using flavourless MCT oil. Though considered a balanced strain, this oil actually has little to no THC potency, making it popular for medicinal purposes.

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3. Edison 5:5 Oil

With 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC, this product made with organic sunflower oil is blended to provide equal impact from its CBD and THC components.

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Canada’s favourite THC oils

These oils are for those looking for the intoxicating or the potentially therapeutic effects of THC, and may come in formats such as drops or capsules.

1. Edison Sativa Oil

2. Aurora THC Sativa Drops

3. Aurora THC Indica Drops

4. KKE Sensi Star THC Oil

5. Cove Reflect Oil

6. Redecan Reign Drops 30:0

7. Broken Coast THC Oil tied with Solei Unplug Oil

8. Cove Rest Oil

9. Cove Rise Oil

Learn more about Canada’s top three THC oils

1. Edison Sativa Oil

Leafly readers looking for a THC high once again picked Edison as their top choice. Infused into an organic sunflower oil, the dominant terpene, humulene, is associated with an herbal fragrance and may ease inflammation.

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2. Aurora THC Sativa Drops

Another reader favourite from Aurora, THC Sativa Drops are extracted from a mix of strains and deliver 27 mg of THC per millilitre in an MCT oil.

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3. Aurora THC Indica Drops

The last Aurora oil to crack the top three across all of Leafly Canada’s favourite oil categories is extracted from a mix of strains and, like its sativa-branded counterpart, delivers 27 mg of THC per millilitre in an MCT oil.

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