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The Newest Cannabis Products in Ontario

Published on August 30, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Illustration by Robyn Flannigan for Leafly

Illustration by Robyn Flannigan for Leafly

What’s New in Ontario

Ontario residents can look forward to an abundance of new cannabis products available on store shelves as growers hit their stride and the country ramps up for legalization 2.0, which will feature the launch of edibles, extracts, and topicals.

In this round-up we’ll feature brands, strains, products, and accessories that are newly available across the province.

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January 2020


Following the 2.0 rollout, Ontario’s OCS has a variety of fast-selling vaporizer pens, cartridges, and accessories from companies like Aurora, Redecan, Sundial, Trailblazer, Dosist, Marley Natural, Kolab, and more.


Soft chews, hard edibles, and chocolates have come to Ontario—by brands like Tokyo Smoke and Foray—in limited supply. As of writing, this whole category has sold out online. In the interim, look to physical retailers for available stock and back to the OCS website for renewed inventory.

December 2019

Original Stash from Hexo

Trending in affordable, competitively priced cannabis, the Original Stash 28-gram dried flower offering comes in at just $5 per gram. Exclusive to Ontario and Quebec customers for now, this indica-dominant flower has mid-range THC potency, with aromas of fruit and earth, and is sun-grown in hybrid greenhouses.

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Prerolls from Kolab

Offered in both hybrid and sativa versions, these premium preroll packs contain either a one gram preroll, or three half-gram prerolls. With THC potency on the higher end of the spectrum, you can expect these high-quality prerolls to pack a punch.

Mistletoke from Redecan

Right in time for the holiday season, Redecan’s brought this limited-release 3.5 gram package to the OCS. Listing high-THC content with fruity and sweet flavours, this hybrid invites you to cozy up into the new year.

November 2019

Redees Shiskaberry Preroll

Sold in a 10-pack for $44.95, Redecan’s indica-dominant prerolls are said to boast a sweet, earthy-fresh aroma with some high-THC potency.

September 2019

Jack Haze from 7ACRES

This sativa-dominant strain has a sweet and citrusy aroma and the potential for a high-THC experience. A cross between Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, 7ACRES calls this a “giggly hybrid.”

September 2019

Pure Sunfarms

The brand of BC-grown bud is launching eight strains that are set to become available at licensed retailers in British Columbia and Ontario this month. The new line will debut with cultivars such as Afghan Kush and White Rhino while strains Critical Kali Mist, Hash Plant, Headband, Island Honey, Purple Sun God, and Pure Sun CBD are set to follow.

August 2019

Dried Flower from Hexo

Oral elixirs and intimate spray from this Quebec-grown cannabis brand have been available through the OCS since the onset of legalization.

This month, joining the family of familiar blue and yellow products, find dried flower varieties like Bayou, Sierra, Terra, Helios, Horizon, Lagoon, Tsunami, Atlantis, and Nebula strains in stores as well.

Granddaddy Purple from 48 North

48 North debuted dried flower in Ontario this month with the launch of its Granddaddy Purple prerolls boasting notes of grape and berry thanks to a terpenes like caryophyllene and pinene. More strains, including Green Crush, Power Plant, and Kosher Kush are expected on store shelves soon.

Zen Berry from Sundial Cannabis

These Alberta-based growers shipped their first batch of cannabis to Ontario on Aug. 1 marking the beginning of a Canada-wide expansion. The company’s Zen Berry, a variety of Shiskaberry, has been available out west since earlier this spring but can now be found at retailers across Ontario as well.

Fuel from WINK

WINK cannabis introduced its second strain to market in advance of Labour Day weekend. Grown in Okanagan, BC, the limited edition offering is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel featuring earthy and citrusy terpenes. Find it at the OCS sold two at a time in half-gram prerolls.

Unite Organic from The Green Organic Dutchman

Formerly availably exclusively to medical cannabis patients, this this locally grown brand of bud announced its first shipment of “certified organic cannabis” to the OCS in August. Look for Unite Organic (a.k.a. LA Confidential) for sale online at the OCS and other licensed retailers across the province.


Among some of the priciest cannabis products in Canada, this brand of BC bud is now officially available in Ontario. Look out for strains like Ice Qwest, Vision Qwest, and Spirit Qwest at retail stores across the province as well as the OCS.

June 2019

No. 1 from WINK

This high-end cannabis brand made its debut in Ontario with a pair of prerolls that are simply dubbed WINK No. 1. Priced at $26.75 (on the OCS) for two half-gram joints, this premium cannabis products is billed as an “African landrace-dominated, pure sativa cross, that exhibits smells and tastes of strawberry and citrus notes, with woody and earthy undertones.”

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